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April 10, 2013 09:56 PM

Southwest Sioux Falls Neighborhoods Dealing With Ice

Sioux Falls, SD

It's not just central areas of Sioux Falls that are getting hit hard by this storm.

The rapidly-accumulating ice stopped cleanup efforts cold in their tracks for the Martin family.

"I got about this far and it got really hard, so we decided to quit," homeowner Troy Martin said.

Southwest Sioux Falls also has an abundance of mature trees that are buckling under the ice.

"Just seeing these old trees taking a beating like this, there's a lot of years behind these trees, to see them get snapped-off that easy, it's disheartening a little bit," Martin said.

Two O'Gorman freshmen are putting their day off from school to good use.

"I'd rather be here, this is way more fun than school," O'Gorman freshman Morgan Roth said.

Morgan Roth and Jack Baker are going from block-to-block helping remove the fallen branches blocking streets.

"Because there's really no pathway for the cars to get by so we're just pulling the heavy trees out of the way," Baker said.

The task of cleanup can appear overwhelming at first.  But neighbors helping neighbors can provide a much-needed lift to any ice-related obstacle in the way.

"It is kind of depressing a little bit, all the homes, power lines down, outages, it's terrible," Baker said.

"If everybody helps out, we can clean it up better," Roth said.

The Martins are concerned about large tree branches in their yard that might fall on top of the brand-new roof they've had installed.

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