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January 02, 2018 05:29 PM

Sioux Falls Council Members Want To Repeal Mixed-Use Parking Ramp Decision

Sioux Falls, SD

This article has been updated to show the following correction:
We incorrectly stated that there was a criminal investigation into Legacy Development. There is an investigation into Hultgren Construction regarding the Copper Lounge building collapse. Hultgren Construction and Legacy Development are different companies.

Two city council members are going to try to put the brakes on a $50-million project.

On December 5, a majority of the council voted in favor of a mixed-use parking ramp -- which includes a hotel, restaurants and shops.  

Since then there's been a criminal investigation involving one of the leaders at Legacy Developments in connection with the deadly downtown building collapse.  

Council member Theresa Stehly has been against the parking ramp from the get go.  
She's voiced her concerns at city council meetings to try and stop the project from moving forward, but she hasn't gotten much support.  She's hoping that changes.

The $50 million parking ramp is approved; now two city council members hope to repeal the decision.

"I think we're talking about secrecy. We're talking about lack of public involvement in a process and this is symptomatic of a bigger issue as far as I'm concerned that has been repeating itself over and over again about decisions being made in the dark," Stehly said.

Now that federal investigators are looking into Hultgren Construction, Stehly and councilman Pat Starr are even more concerned. 

Council member Christine Erickson had questions about the parking ramp in the past but ultimately voted to approve it.  

"This is a development that I support because of the mixed use," Erickson said in December. "As we look at the parking structures, more cities are leaning towards these kind of structures that are mixed-use to generate that property tax."  

KELOLAND News reached out to Erickson and other council members on Tuesday. 
Some didn't want to comment. Others weren't available for an interview. 

It will be the first reading of the repeal ordinance and council members can vote for a second reading or to kill it.
If community members have something to say, they can speak at the beginning of the meeting. 

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