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September 24, 2013 10:02 PM

Sherri Miller's Family Reacts To Discovered Car

Watertown, SD

Sherri Miller's family is thanking all those involved in finding and recovering a car connected with Miller and Pam Jackson’s disappearance more than 40 years ago.

The family is also thanking those who've worked on this case in the past.

Miller’s sisters Rita Allen and Dawn Hewlett who live in Watertown felt many emotions after hearing about the find, relief being one of them.

"We have just kept trotting throughout this entire ordeal and to know that some day eventually we would get that answer and it came. And we are just so grateful," Allen said.

When we last spoke with the family in 2008, more was unknown than known in the case. Now, a development that could lead to answers means a lot to those family members still alive today.

At the same time, the family says a development like this in the case brings about hardship too, leading them to relive the disappearance all over again.

"Very overwhelming," Allen said. "You go through your life from then until now and the biggest wish from our mother was never give up, never give up."

"And no one ever has," Hewlett said.

As the investigation around the discovered car continues, Miller's family waits to see what kind of answers they'll receive. They've chosen not to set expectations. They're simply thankful they can have some closure.

"We will wait, you know, for more information as it comes and deal with that piece by piece and deal with that as we have dealt with this through the years, piece by piece," Allen said.

The Miller family is also reaching out to the Jackson family and sending their condolences to them.

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