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September 13, 2017 05:05 PM

Second Suspect Arrested In Casino Robberies

Another arrest is made in the string of Sioux Falls robberies earlier this month. A man named Eddy Freddy Lopez was the mastermind behind the crimes, according to Angel Provincial, who was the first person arrested in the case.

After being taken into custody for three casino robberies in Sioux Falls, Angel Provincial confessed to police that he was the one to hold up three casinos and take off with cash. He also told them Eddy Lopez was the brains behind the whole thing.

On September 2, Police say Angel Provinicial walked into Deuces Casino on North West Avenue with a gun and got away with cash. 

The next day, he allegedly did the same thing at Rice Street Casino. 

Three days later, it was the same story at Crown Casino on Minnesota Avenue, only this time police say he fired the gun and a bullet went into the ceiling.  

Around that same time officers noticed a vehicle with a driver matching the robber's description. Court papers say the officer noticed a 9mm shell in the front seat and asked the driver, Freddy Lopez, to search the vehicle. Lopez agreed.

At the time, police had no evidence to confirm a connection between Lopez and the robberies, so they let him go.

Once police discovered it was Provincial who was responsible for the three robberies, he was arrested and brought in for questioning.

According to court papers, he told police that Lopez had come up with a plan to rob local casinos in order to get enough money to buy meth in California and bring it back to South Dakota to sell.

Provincial reportedly admitted that he robbed the casinos, but says he gave the money and gun back to Lopez immediately after the crimes were committed.

Provincial told police a story about stopping with Lopez to get food before one of the robberies, which police were able to confirm through other surveillance video.

Both men are now facing first degree robbery charges.

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