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March 05, 2018 06:06 PM

SDSU Student Charged With Threatening School

Brookings, SD

An SDSU student is facing several charges after making threats to "shoot up" the school. 20-year-old Alexander Peterson is facing six counts of Simple Assault and one count of Terrorist Threats.

On February 28, the Residential Housing Director at SDSU called police, after hearing concerns from students about Peterson. An officer met with the students and learned Peterson had made comments about shooting them and blowing up the school.  Officers were also told Peterson's parents were avid gun collectors, and he had shown other students photos of weapons he had access to.

According to the police report, Peterson had made comments about violent acts toward his high school in Flandreau. 

SDSU officials tell us they cannot comment on the case but say, "Certainly we appreciate the students raising awareness and getting the right people involved. They play a critical role in ensuring we maintain our safe and secure campus."

Peterson had his initial court appearance on Monday. His preliminary hearing is set for March 19.

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