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August 22, 2014 09:55 PM

Sanctioned MMA Fights Make South Dakota Debut

Sioux Falls, SD

Twelve fights for the record books as fighters from across the country, and even some from South Dakota, enter the octagon in the state's first sanctioned MMA event.

"I guess you hoped it would. I think there's been something similar, but probably not nearly on this scale or level, so it's awesome that it is here," Erik Mork said.

Resurrection Fighting Alliance, an organization out of Las Vegas, Nevada, provided the opportunity for fighters of all skill levels to show off their talents. Erik Ramm is cheering on one of his MMA teammates.

"It's a lot to take in. There's no such thing as a boring fight. Everything in it is exciting to the stand up, to the jiu-jitzu, to the wrestling," Ramm said.

He believes that this is a monumental step in bringing mixed martial arts to South Dakota more often, and a chance for bigger promotions, like UFC, to see what Sioux Falls can offer.

"Anytime there was a rumor about it, I'd have everybody come out and it would just fall through, and so it's nice to see it actually in Sioux Falls," Ramm said.

Erik Mork and his son Dawson have plenty of memories together watching fights on TV.

"Probably about six or seven (years old), with my dad. Three or four years," Dawson Mork said.

Now, with the fights so close to home, it's a chance to bond even more through the sport they love.

"The way they just fight and cheering with my dad and just watching," Dawson said.

Regardless of the reasons for why it hasn't come, MMA fighting is here in South Dakota and everybody, young and old, is ready to soak it all in. They've had a taste of the fight, and now fans are hoping for more.

"Yeah, we'd definitely if there's more coming, we'd probably be candidates to be there," Mork said.

Resurrection Fighting Alliance communications director Ryan Bevens says that The Pentagon is near the top in terms of venue quality and says he wouldn't hesitate to bring an event back to Sioux Falls if given the opportunity.

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