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December 04, 2017 10:21 PM

Remembering Rep. Craig Tieszen

Rapid City, SD

Monday people gathered in Rapid City to pay their respects to former Rapid City police chief and state Representative Craig Tieszen. He died a few weeks ago in a kayaking accident off the Cook Islands.  

"We were all shocked when we heard the news of Craig's death, and the days since we've seen many moving tributes to Craig as a legislature, a policeman, a father, and friend," Dennis Daugaard, Governor said.

Friends, family, community members and political leaders gathered today at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center to honor Former State Representative Craig Tieszen.   

"I think part of this feeling of disbelief that I'm having is shared by many folks behind me and has to do with how much of an impact he's made on them," Steve Allender, Rapid City mayor said.

Tieszen served on the Rapid City Police Department for over 30 years, some of those as police chief. He was currently on his first term of serving in the State House of Representatives.

"If you knew what he was like as a legislator or police chief or board member, you knew what he was like personally, he was very kind, caring and considerate, very genuine, if he shook your hand and said he was glad to see you, he truly meant it," Allender said.

Now, he's being remembered for the impact he's had on others.

"Chief, you spent your entire life seeking peace for others, you've led by example, so now you can let us carry on your legacy from here, may you finally rest in peace," Karl Jegeris, Rapid City police chief said.

Flags flew at half staff in honor of Tieszen.  

In lieu of flowers, the family asked that donations be made to the Rapid City Club for Boys.

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