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October 10, 2014 08:00 AM

Reaction Over Pipeline Infrastructure

Sioux Falls, SD

The Executive Director of the Oil and Gas Association, Adam Martin says South Dakota is positioned right in the central of an economic boom from the oil and gas industry, but not everyone is sure they want it happening on their land.

Landowners first learned about the 1,100 mile pipeline a few months ago.

"We got an envelope in the mail one day that just said it was happening. We are originally from Howard, SD, which is where we have land and that's where we would be impacted," Sioux Falls Resident, Laura Olson said.

Property owners, including Laura Olson, had the opportunity to learn more last night.

"We have our land for partially farmland and wild life so would it impact the wildlife in the area and close down roads those types of things," Olson said.

"The impact is really bigger than North Dakota and it's bigger than South Dakota this is a national impact," Executive Director of South Dakota Oil and Gas Association, Adam Martin said.

Martin says South Dakota is in the perfect location to capitalize on the potential benefits of the pipeline infrastructure.

They are looking to come through South Dakota and we have to look at that no different as a manufacturing company coming to set up here in South Dakota. We are in that position right now with all of the energy industry around us that it's got to find its way to market one way or another. The pipelines are being proven to be probably the safest route compared to rail," Martin said.

"The Dakota Access pipeline would bring oil from North Dakota and to Illinois and pass through several South Dakota and Iowa counties along the way. We have to make sure that we have to make sure that we have a well-balanced and well thought out plan all the safety measures are taken and put in place and that the pipeline the pipeline and the technology that can be applied to these pipelines today is completely different than it was 20-30 years ago," Martin said.

"It is not coming through our property, it's coming close but not on there and so they confirm that with us so that we would understand and if that changes they do have to contact us they can't just go through you land without having confirmed and approval from the owners so that was kind of nice to know," Olson said.

Some of the technology Martin was referencing includes a GPS tracking device. He says when you factor in crashes and train de-railments, pipelines are a safer alternative.  


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