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April 20, 2017 06:09 PM

Rapid City Boy Needs Kidney Transplant

A young Rapid City boy's lifelong medical struggle is touching people all across the country.    

10-year-old Gabriel Broghammer has been undergoing dialysis for nearly a month while he's staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Sioux Falls.  He was born with a blockage in his urethra and received a new kidney from his father when he was just 16-months-old.  Now, Gabriel needs a new kidney.  

He's on a national waiting list.  But his family is also reaching out for possible donors through a GoFundMe account.  He's received many offers, but so far, no matches.

He's a pint-sized martial artist who gets a big kick out of taekwondo.

"I don't know, it's fun," Gabriel said.

Gabriel's skills at self-defense are serving him well during his medical stay in Sioux Falls.

"Yeah, he's a fighter," Gabriel's mother Christine Broghammer said.

Gabriel has been receiving dialysis three times a week while he's in Sioux Falls.  He's a tough match for a new kidney because he's already gone through one transplant.  Still his family isn't giving up.

"It wasn't that great a prognosis but he's here and he's a champ and it's a miracle that he's made it this far," Christine Broghammer said.

Gabriel has remained brave this entire time.

"Nothing really bad, nothing sounds scary or anything," Gabriel said.

Dozens of people have made offers online to donate one of their kidneys to Gabriel.  His mother says she's humbled by these generous offers from complete strangers.

"It pulls at your heart.  As a mom, it's hard to watch your kid have to go through all the procedures and the poking and the prodding.  It is hard, it's difficult, but he's worth it and we're happy to do it for him," Christine Broghammer said.

Last month, Gabriel underwent a procedure that will allow him to receive dialysis at his home.  That means he could be returning to Rapid City as soon as next week.  

His family says they're not looking for donations of money; Gabriel needs a kidney donor.

To see Gabriel's GoFundMe page, click here.

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