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February 13, 2018 09:42 PM

'Puppy Shower' At Western Hills Humane Society

Spearfish, SD

A humane society in KELOLAND is welcoming a litter of puppies in a unique way. 

Jasmine, a 9-year old boxer at the Western Hills Humane Society in Spearfish recently had a litter of six puppies. To celebrate the humane society is hosting a 'puppy shower,' to help get supplies needed to take care of the puppies and the facility.

"Just like a baby shower. It takes an opportunity to help care for the puppies and what helps care for the puppies in this situation is keeping the building clean all the time so that's why we're focusing on puppy food, mop buckets, and mops that we use daily," Rebecca LaRose, co-director of Western Hills Humane Society said.

Jasmine is believed to be overbred before coming to the shelter.

If you would like to donate to the puppy shower, we've provided a link to the Western Hills Humane Society Facebook page.

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