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March 20, 2018 12:59 PM

Public Hearing To Be Held Over South Dakota Turkey Barn

Ipswich (AP)

A public hearing will be held following South Dakota residents' opposition to the site of a proposed 5,000-hen turkey barn.

The Edmunds County Commission approved permits for Farm Holdings S.D. 12's three turkey barns in February. County Commissioner Tim Thomas says only the barn located 2 miles southeast of Ipswich has been met with strong opposition.

County official Annette Jones said 61 residents have signed a petition calling for county commissioners to retract Farm Holdings' building permit. Farm Holdings S.D. 12 is a limited liability company owned by Hendrix Genetics.

Some opposing residents worry about odor and reduced property values.

Thomas hopes residents and the company can reach a compromise during a Monday public hearing.

A Hendrix Genetics spokesman says the barns will benefit the local economy through more business and employment opportunities.
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