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January 15, 2015 07:03 AM

Proposal To Increase Vehicle Fees Draws Reaction

Sioux Falls, SD

Infrastructure was a theme of South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard's 2015 State of the State speech Tuesday in Pierre. The governor proposed a 10 percent jump in vehicle registration fees, which "will provide additional road funds and also help establish a grant program to address local bridge needs."

Sioux Falls resident Feras Derany wouldn't mind the proposed increase.

"I see the money that we're paying, I see it on the ground,” Derany said. “I see how they are developing the city, building new bridges, building new streets, so I don't mind it."

Another Sioux Falls resident isn't a fan, however, envisioning an undesired result.

"It’s going to cause a lot more vehicles to be late on [registering] them," Robert Mork said.

Greg Andersen supports the proposed increase.

"Whatever takes care of the roads, you're going to have to keep the roads up," Andersen said. "So, if we need an increase, we need an increase, [to] keep the roads and the bridges up especially."

Derany doesn't see a ten percent jump as burdensome.

"Yeah, it's not going to break me if I pay $10 or $15 extra a year," he said. "But it seems like it makes a difference to the city, so I'm happy to pay 10 percent extra, that's fine with me."

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