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May 09, 2017 06:03 PM

Possible Lawsuits In Downtown Building Collapse

Sioux Falls, SD

KELOLAND News has learned the Fodness family is threatening to sue the City of Sioux Falls in connection with the downtown building collapse.  

Lawyers representing the Fodnesses sent a letter to the mayor this week notifying him that they may sue to help recover from the injuries and damages they sustained when the old Copper Lounge building came crashing down.   

Crews rescued 22-year-old Emily Fodness after being buried alive in the rubble for several hours.

When we interviewed her back in December only a couple weeks after the collapse, she told us she suffered injuries to her legs and lost pretty much everything she owned in the collapse.  

"I couldn't move my legs whatsoever.  They were pinned under concrete, so they were in a lot of pain the whole time, but I remember I could feel my legs.  I was like, 'OK, I can feel them.  You're not paralyzed,' from what I could tell.  So that's good," Fodness said.  

At one point, she wondered whether she'd survive. 

"I just broke down crying, and thought am I going to die here," Fodness said. 

Now, the attorney representing the entire Fodness family sent this letter to Mayor Mike Huether this week, notifying him that they will be pursing all applicable claims to recover from their injuries and damages. 

It goes on to say they're investigating claims against various individuals and entities and have not yet determined the nature and/or extent of the claims.

By law, the Fodness family had 180 days to notify the City that they might sue. 

The Fodness family isn't the only one who has put the city on notice they may sue.

Late Tuesday afternoon, KELOLAND News learned Attorneys for the family of Ethan McMahon, who died in the collapse, also sent a letter to the mayor as well, as did Hultgren Construction, the company that was doing the remodeling of the building. 

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