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October 26, 2017 05:20 PM

Positively KELOLAND: Dow Rummel's Creative Carvings

Sioux Falls, SD

Dow Rummel Retirement Village in Sioux Falls is celebrating its annual Fall Festival with a ghoulish and goofy look at Halloween.  The front desk at Dow Rummel has sprouted a pumpkin patch for both residents and visitors to check out.

Halloween is all about Pooh, not boo, at Dow Rummel Retirement Village.

"I think this one should win, Winnie the Pooh, it's the cutest in my opinion, Dow Rummel Wellness Manager Riley Conklin said.

The Dow Rummel staff created the 18 pumpkins on display at the front desk as a way to show they're creative to the core.

"It's incredible, they're the best I've seen, they exceed last year's by a long shot, it's wonderful," Dow Rummel resident Ron Hennies said.

The Dow Rummel staff searched the Internet for pumpkin inspirations.

"Everyone gets on Google, they get on Pinterest and that's kind of where they get their ideas," Conklin said.

The Dow Rummel residents will vote for the best pumpkins.  

"And I intend to vote but with some trepidation because I don't know yet.  Maybe my wife will tell me which one to vote for," (laughs)  Hennies said.

Some of the staff will try to sway the voters with sweet treats.

"Cute is what wins, but bribery helps," Conklin said.

The staff starts planning weeks in advance about what kind of pumpkin they'll carve.  In other words, they put their heads together to decide on a Halloween theme.

"Look at that goofy punkin," Leona Hennies said.

Goofy imposters aside, this pumpkin contest helps forge stronger bonds between the Dow Rummel staff and the residents. So like this pump-cupine, they stick together for Halloween.  

Many of the pumpkins will remain on display through Halloween night, when the children of the staff and the grandchildren of the residents come to Dow Rummel to trick-or-treat.

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