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April 20, 2017 06:00 PM

Police Looking For Burglary Suspect Who Smashed Convenience Store Door

Sioux Falls Police are trying to find a burglary suspect who smashed the front door of a convenience store with a rock. 

According to police, just before 2:30 a.m. Thursday, officers were called to Casey's General Store at West 5th Street and Kiwanis Avenue. 

Police say if it wasn't for some smart thinking by someone inside the store, it could have been a more dangerous situation. 

Our cameras were rolling early Thursday morning as police entered the Casey's Gas Station on Kiwanis Avenue with their guns drawn. At one point, officers went through the broken glass of the front door to get inside. Sioux Falls Police say the suspect used a rock to smash through the glass door. Even more disturbing than the suspect's actions was the fact that there was someone inside the store when he broke in. 

"This particular employee was actually there to start prep work for some of the food services that are provided in the morning and that's why the employee was there and just happened to hear the noise and see this activity," Capt. Loren McManus said. 

McManus says the person inside the store made the right choice to keep herself safe. 

"Did the right thing, got to a safe location, locked herself in a bathroom and didn't have any contact with this individual," McManus said. 

For a short time, officers blocked off Kiwanis Avenue. According to police, the suspect stole merchandise from the store and left on foot. The department has surveillance video from the convenience store and will use it to try to find the suspect who made it a difficult morning for one employee. 

There's not much information on the suspect at this point. Police describe the person as a white male, who was last seen wearing a dark-colored shirt and khaki pants. Anyone with any information on the case should call Sioux Falls Police at (605) 367-7212 or Crime Stoppers at (605) 367-7007.

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