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June 11, 2017 11:49 AM

Police Locate Suspect In Rapid City Homicide

An inmate who escaped from a work site last week and fled with a city vehicle has been arrested in New Mexico in connection with a Rapid City homicide.

28-year-old Andrew Eastman was arrested Friday in Albuquerque.

Eastman is a South Dakota Department of Corrections inmate currently serving a sentence for grand theft.

Eastman was placed on escape status after stealing a city vehicle on June 2 from an inmate work site at the Rapid City landfill. The stolen pickup was found abandoned a short distance from 3320 Wisconsin Avenue, where the homicide occurred. Police have reason to believe Eastman was present at the time of the homicide on Wisconsin Avenue.

During the June 9 arrest, Eastman was in possession of the victim’s vehicle, which was stolen from the victim's residence.

Police say the investigation is still ongoing as they are still actively investigating leads in connection with this crime.

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