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February 19, 2018 05:10 PM

Perfect Storm Hits Great Bear

Sioux Falls, SD

After a slow start this season, business is finally picking up for Great Bear Ski Valley. Saturday morning was a dream come true for Great Bear General Manager, Dan Grider. 

"Three inches of fresh snow. Beautiful blue sky that morning. Mild temperatures. The place went nuts. It was great," said Dan Grider. 

It was so nuts, they actually broke their attendance record! There were more than 2,200 people on the hills, which broke the old record by 500!

With the good weather and the Olympics, Great Bear is seeing a lot of activity. However, families do need to be prepared for days like this, where it's a little extra chilly. 

"We just tell them to put a lot of layers on and we go in a lot too and warm up," Nebraska visitor Tonya Kuchta said.

Sammi: This cold doesn't both you?
"Not really," 8 years old Morgan Kuchta said. 

Sammi: What's the hardest part of being out here?
"Just to fight the cold," 10 year old Hunter Kuchta said. 
Sammi: How do you do that?
Hunter: Just to put a bunch of layers on and maybe have some hand warmers. 

With plenty of clothes and lots of cocoa breaks, the Kuchtas are enjoying their annual trip up north from Nebraska. 

Sammi: So what do you like most about skiing?
Morgan: That you can go down many different ski places. 

"Just like going down slopes. Maybe going down backwards," said Hunter. 

For Great Bear, they love the turn of the season and hope to keep going into mid-March. 

"A little more snow. A little shot here, a little shot there. We're real happy," said Grider. 

Grider says they have been taking advantage of the Winter Olympics by having special events at the park.

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