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September 22, 2017 04:59 PM

Paying It Forward With Cars And Kindness

Sioux Falls, SD

Three-year-old Paysen likes his cars. 

That's why it's not surprising that he and his mother Traci Munneke ended up in the toy car section during a recent trip to HyVee on Sycamore Avenue. 

"He knows right where the Hot Wheels are in there," Munneke said. 

Only, toys wouldn't be the only highlight the mother and son would encounter in the store. 

"I grabbed something out of the freezer and there was Holly," Munneke. 

When the two women met, the trip to the grocery store turned out to be anything but routine. 

You see after a little bit of casual conversation, Munneke explained to HyVee employee Holly Davidson that her son had just spent 31 days in the hospital. 

"She just asked if he was sick and I was like, 'Yeah,' and she said, 'Everything better now?' and I said, 'No, unfortunately not.' Paysen has HUS, which is Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome," Munneke said. 

Munekke says it caused Paysen's kidneys to shut down. 

"I said, 'I'll say a prayer for you.' and then we went on our way," Davidson said. 

Only, sending a message up above isn't the only gesture Davidson did for the Munneke family. What happened next at the checkout eventually brought both women to tears. 

"I noticed Holly was standing behind me and I said, 'What are you doing?' and she said, 'This is my way of helping you. I feel like this I need to do something and this is the only thing I know what to do,'" Munneke said. 

Davidson bought Munneke's groceries. 

Kelli Volk: Why pay it forward for people you don't know?
Davidson: Because it's the right thing to do. We're all trying to muddle through this life and it's just nice to be thought of, even if you don't know the person.

"There are still good people out in the world and it gave me a little bit more faith back in humanity. I really do believe God was working through Holly," Munneke said. 

Sometimes that's all it takes to turn someone's day around: a couple of cars and a little kindness. 

Munneke says her son developed HUS after getting E. Coli.  She says she's not sure he got it. She says the family had been on a vacation around that time so it's hard for them to narrow it down. 

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