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December 28, 2016 06:03 PM

PAve Set To Reopen In 2017

Sioux Falls, SD

The bar and restaurant next door to the collapsed Copper Lounge building is planning to re-open. PAve's management set a time line for 2017.

Construction crews plan to begin repair work next week. The plan is to have a re-grand opening in March.

The Sioux Falls community won't soon forget the collapse of the Copper Lounge building.  While crews have been cleaning up the debris, the PAve building has remained empty, until now. 

"We're just relying on the licensed professionals, from the city, to the inspectors, to the structural engineers.  Everyone needs to get in there and you know, do the construction, do the remodel, and give us their seal of approval," John Geiken, General Manager of PAve, said.

With the collapse keeping the bar and restaurant closed, Geiken says the community has been a motivating factor in re-opening.

"The community has been pretty awesome.  The support, and everything that the community has been showing us, is huge.  It's been inspiring," Geiken said.

During the closure, the staff has been impacted but Geiken says they have still have been able to continue to pay them since they have been closed and will continue to until they reopen.

"PAve staff is like a second family.  We're a pretty close group of people that we've been staying connected through this whole process.  We've had some group get-togethers.  We went bowling one night, just been keeping everyone connected,"  Geiken said.

In the end, safety is what matters most.

"You know for us at PAve, safety is the number one thing.  We want everyone to know that it is going to be safe," Geiken said.

Gil Haugen Construction will make repairs, rather than Hultgren Construction, which did all of the work prior to the collapse. Geiken also says that they will continue to post updates about the grand re-opening and repair process to PAve's social media pages. 

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