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May 10, 2018 10:00 PM

Outdoor Campus Hosts Forum On Emerald Ash Borer

Sioux Falls, SD

The emerald ash borer has arrived in Sioux Falls, and this insect brings with it quite the track record. According to the City of Sioux Falls, the country has lost more than 100 million ash trees in the last two decades because of the insect. 

Thursday night the Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls hosted a forum on the emerald ash borer and its arrival in Sioux Falls. Attendees also had a chance to ask questions and learn about their new unwelcome neighbor.

"We have large ash trees in our yard, and knowing this was coming, but we were kind of concerned of, as to whether we should treat or just cut them down, so we're looking for information about that," Kristin Seruyange of Sioux Falls said.

There is now an emergency quarantine in effect in the Sioux Falls area. Thursday night KELOLAND News asked the city what their response is to the arrival of the emerald ash borer.

"Right now one of the biggest things that we can do is public education, get the word out," said Kelby Mieras, park operations manager with the City of Sioux Falls. "Much like we did tonight. Work with other agencies to make sure that people know not to move the ash wood around." 

South Dakota State University Professor John Ball says the emerald ash borer's arrival is not an immediate death sentence for your favorite ash tree. An injected insecticide is an option for treatment.

"It saves the tree's life," Ball said. "It doesn't delay the death. These are that effective, that if you treat a tree before it's infested, or even after it's infested, it will kill any beetles inside, and you will save the tree."

But you have to be on the ball with this treatment. And this is the only way your ash tree survives.

"It has to be done every two years at least through this epidemic," Ball said.

So there are options for the community.

"There is a thought of treating, and obviously it's very effective, so that was really good news to hear, but I'm not sure if it's worth it for our particular trees. We only have two," Seruyange said. 

There will be another meeting at the Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls this Saturday afternoon at 1:00. Information is also available on a state website.

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