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February 20, 2018 10:05 PM

Ordinance On Notices Of Intent To Sue City Moves Forward

Sioux Falls, SD

If the city of Sioux Falls is being sued, should city council members be alerted? It's a question taken up Tuesday at Carnegie Town Hall. 

Councilors Pat Starr and Christine Erickson are proposing an ordinance change that would require notices of intent to sue the city to be delivered to the city council within seven days. Ahead of the city council meeting, KELOLAND News caught up with Counselor Starr to find out why he's brought it forward.

Starr says it's about transparency.

"'Cause right now it's available, but you have to every month or however long call and ask, and this way it just shares the information with the council, and it keeps the council informed of what's going on in the city," Starr said.

Tonight's reading was the first.

"What this does, in a very simple way, is once someone sends a letter of an intent or a notice to sue the City of Sioux Falls, that letter or that information will be relayed to the council within seven days," Starr said. "That information is already public information, and a public record, this just increases the amount of notice." 

Councilor Rex Rolfing made it clear that he isn't against transparency, but he raised questions about this ordinance.

"And I'm just saying, folks, with the propensity of some of, now and potential council members to not follow the things that are at the bottom of your emails, I can't go along with this," Rolfing said. "And it's not that I don't want transparency." 

Rolfing does see potential issues.

"I think we're just putting ourselves into a situation here where we could, future counselors could get, and maybe myself, could get in trouble, and I don't want to know that," Rolfing said.

In the end, it passed six to one, with Rolfing the only counselor going against it. The second reading is set for Tuesday, March 6.

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