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February 13, 2018 06:05 PM

New Rules For Carry-On Luggage At Sioux Falls Airport

Sioux Falls

You may have to change how you pack for trips. New Transportation Safety Administration guidelines are in effect at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport. 

The new screening guidelines for carry on luggage put more emphasis on electronic devices and liquids. Even though the changes are small, they'll make a difference when you go through security. 

Starting Tuesday, passengers who have electronic devices larger than a cell phone must put them into separate bins for X-ray screening. 

"It's harder now but it looks to me that TSA's getting better at what they do as they go along also," said traveler Bob Lane. 

Frequent flyer Pam Torres says that's something she's already been doing. 

"I take my laptop with me back and forth and I have always been taking it out and putting it into a separate bin and I guess I heard now that they're coming up with stricter rules which I don't know how much more they're going to do," said Torres. 

There are also new rules for liquids. Gels, liquids and aerosols need to be in a quart size bag and be put in their own bin so security can get a better look at them. Torres says she double checks her packing before traveling. 

"I did do carry on and I make sure that I'm within, well it was 3 ounces you couldn't have more than 3 ounces, if that's changed then I wouldn't know about it," said Torres. 

Bob Lane flew in from Alaska and says he didn't notice much of a difference. 

"I think we're all used to going by the rules for a long time. I traveled today and I didn't see anybody being held up anymore than usual," said Lane. 

Torres says she's glad to see more security. 

"I don't have any problems with them. The stricter they are the better off. It's for our security, especially for the children that fly," said Torres. 

If you're a TSA pre-checked passenger, there won't be a difference for you. 

The procedures were put in place at 10 other airports across the country over the past few months and will go into full effect at all airports in the late spring.

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