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April 20, 2017 06:20 PM

New Park Use Regulations In Rapid City

Rapid City, SD

Spending a day in the park is a good way to relieve stress or even just enjoy the outdoors. Members of the Rapid City City Council are hoping new changes to the city's parks ordinance will improve the park experience for visitors.

"There are always new activities that are evolving and it's good for us to keep up on that and make sure the parks protected and the people that go to the parks are safe and welcome," Jeff Biegler, Rapid City Parks and Recreation Director, said.

One new change is that only dogs will be allowed inside Rapid City parks.

"It just seemed like it could be a distraction to people with dogs, if there are other animals in there that the dogs might take off after and it could be a danger to the owners," Biegler said.

Also new? Food trucks will now be required to have a permit before operating in parks.

"The food trucks have been so popular recently, we wanted to make sure that we revised it," Biegler said.

People using the parks on Thursday say it's good to stay up-to-date with regulations and that safety is a priority.

"We want to keep them safe for the kids. They are for the kids and people that want to enjoy them," Rapid City resident Christopher Isaacs said.

"I have a young daughter, so as long as it's safe for everyone that's trying to enjoy it, then I think it should be okay," Rapid City resident Jake Bohne said.

"These ordinance revisions weren't really to point out things that are going wrong and try to fix them, but just to try to set some guidelines that people can follow," Biegler said.

There's one more change for park patrons in Rapid City:  Remote-controlled vehicles being used in the parks must now meet size and speed limits. The new ordinance passed the board in a unanimous vote.

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