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May 19, 2017 05:13 PM

New Fire Chief: 'We're Just Going To Move Forward'

The man tapped to be the new head of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue says it's time to move beyond the legal troubles of the previous leader.  Mayor Mike Huether Friday recommended Brad Goodroad to be the new fire chief, replacing former chief Jim Sideras, who's facing child porn possession charges.  Goodroad was one of eight finalists for the job.  

Goodroad has been with Sioux Falls Fire Rescue since 1994.  He was named Interim Fire Chief when the criminal charges against Sideras came to light earlier this month. His appointment to become permanent chief still awaits final approval by the City Council.  Huether praised Goodroad's leadership skills in helping the fire department move forward.

"The person I am recommending will be our new fire chief of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue, Mr. Brad Goodroad," Huether said.

Brad Goodroad says he's not going to let the tainted tenure of his predecessor distract him from the duties of his new role as Fire Chief.

"We're going to put that behind us now today ourselves and we're just going to move forward and we're not going to think about it, we're just going to work on what we do and do our best," Goodroad said.

Goodroad says he wants to bring a sense of normalcy back to fire rescue and restore trust in their mission to protect the public.

"There might be some people out there that we need to build that trust back up, but I think that's just a very few and that's just going to take a little bit of time and showing that we're people willing to do our jobs and continue on," Goodroad said.

Mayor Mike Huether says the job interviews were conducted during a time of anxiety for the city following the criminal charges against former Fire Chief, Jim Sideras.

"The reality is, this wasn't about the prior chief, this was about our new chief," Huether said.

Goodroad says his nearly three-week stint as Interim Fire Chief has helped him gain a broader perspective of the department he'll oversee, once that interim title becomes permanent.  

"I think that does help just kind of place you in that mindset of looking at things from one of a balcony level and looking at the whole department as opposed to looking at your own division or your own responsibilities," Goodroad said.

Goodroad says he also wants to improve efficiencies within the department as firefighters respond to more calls while facing tighter budgets. He'd also like to expand fire rescue's social media footprint.

The City Council is expected to take up Goodroad's appointment on June 6th.

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