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July 26, 2017 06:06 PM

New Career Opportunities Through Southeast Tech

The construction business is still booming in Sioux Falls, and that means trade workers are in high demand. This Fall, South East Tech will tackle the carpentry field with a special program benefiting businesses and students. 

"This is literally an opportunity to start a new career," said Lon Hird, Director of Academic Support and Corporate Education at STI. 

The Carpentry Apprenticeship Program is giving people of all ages the chance to start a new career with a clean slate. Not only is tuition covered, but the students are also placed with a business in town that is looking to hire once the student is finished with the two year training. 

"So many of the high schools right now are teaching, learn computers and work inside, and that's what everybody wants to do. We're not really getting anyone who wants to get down and get dirty," said Alan Amdahl, owner of Alan Amdahl Construction. 

"It gives people an opportunity to expand their professional world at little or no cost to them," said Hird. 

Alan Amdahl has been in construction for 40 years, and says they are in dire need of full-time carpenters. The program hasn't even started yet, and he's taking advantage of the students signed up. 

"We've got one hired already. We've interviewed four and we hired one of them, and the other three have found positions with other people," said Amdahl. 

There are about a dozen people signed up for the program right now, and they're still open to take anyone who wants to change their career path.

"It just provides a tremendous number of opportunities for people that are interested in entering into that industry," said Hird.

The program will start on August 22, and people can sign up to join until that day. The only cost to students is $75 for registration, and they will be paid for the apprenticeship, up to $15 an hour.

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