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February 20, 2018 10:00 PM

Neighbors Say Legal Fight Out Of Character For McKennan Park

Sioux Falls, SD

South Dakota's Supreme Court has denied a Sioux Falls family's appeal to re-hear their case over a controversial home in the city's McKennan Park neighborhood.

It's welcome news to some of those who live in the area who have, up until now, sat by quietly and watched this legal battle unfold.  They say the fight has left a bit of a black eye on this beautiful part of Sioux Falls.  

They say good fences make good neighbors, but probably not in this case.  

"You want your neighbors, you want to know your neighbors and feel good about your neighbors and I know that's not the case, unfortunately," Marianne Watt said. 

Watt, who lives two houses down from the Sapienza home, has been reluctant to voice her opinion publicly about the legal battle, but has felt the dissention between the Sapienzas and the McDowells for three years now. 

"It's very sad for everybody, I think, because it's a wonderful neighborhood.  There is an association and everybody pretty much knows everybody, very friendly and to have that kind of animosity is so out of character for the neighborhood; well, Sioux Falls in general," Watt said. 

Watt, who lives in a big house and loves the fact that most homes in this neighborhood are different and unique, has always felt the Sapienza house was too big for the lot it was built on. 

"It just seems very unfortunate for everyone that it went this far and nothing was ever done, caught or stopped," Watt said. 

While the Sapienzas still could ask the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case, Watt hopes the South Dakota Supreme court ruling drives it home. 

"I hope it's done.  I hope this is the last of it because it's been going on for so long; much longer than it should have," Watt said. 

KELOLAND News stopped by both the Sapienza and McDowell homes for reaction, but nobody came to the door. 

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