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December 20, 2016 11:27 PM

Moe's Hosts Fundraiser For McMahon Family

Sioux Falls, SD

A long line of people at Moe's are not just getting dinner, but also showing support for Ethan McMahon and his family. It's a gesture that his father won't forget anytime soon.

"It's overwhelming," John McMahon said. 

Ethan's father, John McMahon, says he's grateful for all the support coming from across the country as his family deals with heartbreak. He says it's amazing to see the faces of those wanting to help out. 

"The owner is from Pierre and he drove down here for this. I mean that just says a lot and it's another one of the great restaurants and businesses of Sioux Falls that asked to help and want to give back and that's kind of what this has all been about," McMahon said. 

Many of the people eating say they made a point of showing up after hearing 75 percent of what they buy is going to a family missing a loved one. 

"We've eaten at Moe's before and it's really good food and we thought this is really an awesome way of them helping out the family for everything that happened to them," customer Duane Poppens said. 

Moe's has no connection to the family, but felt it was the right thing to do. General Manager Lindsey Reese says seeing the crowd shows the strength of the community. 

"It's just amazing to see how well Sioux's big yet we still treat each other very small town. We're always here helping each other out and that's all what Sioux Falls is about," Reese said. 

It's a restaurant full of supporters, and a community full of thoughts for the family. McMahon says this shows who Ethan was and what kind of legacy he leaves behind. 

"Ethan was a caring person. He would be the first to help somebody and he would do so with his actions, with his music. I mean from being a little boy up until the day he died. He helped people and it shows," McMahon said. 

McMahon says he's also very grateful for The McMahon Education Trust that was recently set up by Lewis Drug because it will give Ethan's sons a chance to get a higher education. 

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