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February 24, 2018 10:07 PM

Meth Arrests In Pennington County

Rapid City, SD

Minnehaha County has seen meth-related arrests increase by 30 percent. But it's not the only county experiencing a meth problem. 

Minnehaha County is not the only place seeing a staggering amount of meth-related arrests, in 2017 Pennington County had just about 900 arrests.

Meth-related arrests in Pennington County are no surprise for law enforcement. 

"You find it every single day, in some form or another," Tony Harrison, Pennington County Sheriff's Office said.

"Very concerning, our drug use is directly tied to our violent crime, some of our biggest crimes over the last couple years the suspects have either been involved in the use of methamphetamine or the distribution of methamphetamine," Chris DeGroote, supervisor of Unified Narcotics Enforcement team said.

Those nearly 900 arrests average out to two arrests a day in Pennington County.

"It's of great concern to us and the safety of our citizens and our community when we continue to see those numbers go up," DeGroote said.

Not only a concern for the community but also for the law enforcement responding to calls.

"There's a lot of meth arrests and there's a lot of meth cases that our deputies and Rapid City police officers end up on every single day," Harrison said. "We always look out for each other, and if it's a known, dangerous thing that we can be patient for a second unit to arrive we will do that, but there's many times you can't."

Here's some advice you can follow so you don't become part of a statistic.

"The best way to not ever become involved in drugs and being an addict is to just not use, make that decision to not use meth or heroin," DeGroote said.

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