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July 13, 2013 10:00 PM

Meldrum Mural Brings Community Together

Sioux Falls, SD

A plain white wall is now a canvas for an eastside Sioux Falls community.

The Meldrum Park neighborhood is home to many ethnicities and cultures, which is exactly what this mural is all about.

“Today is sort of the icing on the cake because we've been through that design process. We worked with a group of about 25 folks from Sioux Falls on this design.  Young people, artists, non-artists, from all over the world actually. This community is so rich with cultural diversity, and now we're going to start painting,” lead artist Dave Loewenstein said.

However, this paint project isn't so much about sprucing up the park, as it is painting together as a community.

Mural Coordinator Lela Himmerich says this mural is one of the most important things the neighborhood will have when it is all finished.

“This mural is very meaningful to this neighborhood because it tells a story of the area. This is one of the older neighborhoods in the city, and it's absolutely the most diverse, and it tells that story,” Himmerich said.

Joan Swenson brought out her kids as a way to get to know people in her community and for her kids to leave their mark on this Meldrum mural.

“We got here and we're like, 'This is kind of an amazing thing.' What a great thing for a neighborhood to spruce it up and connect with the people. I think it's just really important as a community to come and participate as a family; to go out and be part of the neighborhood,” Swenson said.

Putting paint on a wall, while bonding as a community.

Himmerich says they also need help raising money to put up lights to illuminate the mural during the night. They have an account set up with Wells Fargo, and all the money donated will go right to helping install the lights.

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