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April 18, 2016 12:01 PM

Loud Booms On Sunday Caused By Tannerite Targets

Explosions that alarmed some homeowners in southwest Sioux Falls were traced to an explosive used for target practice.

The series of booms Sunday evening prompted a flurry of calls to authorities. The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office says officers discovered people shooting large bricks of Tannerite at a private rural range.

Tannerite is a material that can be legally bought at sporting goods stores for target practice. The sheriff's office says the shooters were not doing anything wrong, though one person at the scene was arrested on an unrelated warrant.

In a YouTube video, Tannerite Sports shows how their product works:

 Lt. Dave McIntire said Sioux Falls Police received calls on Sunday from residents reporting sounds of explosions. 

While tannerite isn't a banned substance, McIntire said that exploding targets violates noise and firework ordinances within Sioux Falls city limits.

"It's a violation of our disturbing the peace, when you're talking about a loud explosion like that," McIntire said. "Because that is going to cause serious public alarm."

McIntire added that it is a felony to alter exploding targets, making them more dangerous.

Calah Kelley is talking with authorities and will have what law enforcement think about exploding targets on KELOLAND News and
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