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June 22, 2014 01:01 PM

Looking Back At A Week Of Wild Weather

Sioux Falls, SD

We show you amazing images of last week's storms in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.

It all started will severe thunderstorms delivering several inches of rain.

"The rain is coming down. It feels literally like I went through a water park," said Ben Dunsmoor.

Alison Clyde says, "the kids got a little scared from it," Alison Clyde said.

"We've got seven and three quarters inches of rain," Christina Eitreim said.

The rain continued to build up, and flooding began to happen.

"Now that they're starting to pump water out, I'm feeling a lot more relief," Eitreim said.

"This is a landscape business here in Worthing and they are kayaking up and down areas where sidewalks should be," Dunsmoor said

"It was already pretty high from the rain before and it just kept coming up and coming up and coming up," Evan Hilt said.

Even wildlife were feeling the effects of Mother Nature.

"We heard a noise and it was this little baby deer. He kind of took off. Pretty soon we could hear him crying again for his mom. He went swimming," Kristin Hilt said.

"It just ran up on the deck now and it' exhausted," Evan Hilt said.

"My dogs were scared to death. I got a life jacket on and I was holding my dog," Dylan Suhr said.

"It's unbelieveable to me and it's unfortunate because we aren't probably the worst." Kristin Hilt said.

"This time we've got nine inches of rain in the last two days which is more than what we had last time," Larry Stauffcher said.

As the rain continued, frustration began to grow.

"I think the 100 year event can be thrown out. This is going to continue to happen over and over until they fix the culvert," Mark Long said.

Once the rain subsided, it was time to assess the damage.

"What a small world it is. We're interviewing this woman who has terrible damage to her home and then our director of emergency management for the state of Iowa was one of her kindergarten students. This is Iowa. This is really Iowa at its best," Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said.

Then the people in KELOLAND began to help one another.

"People have been coming from everywhere. Family and friends. It's unbelievable," Melinda Folken said.

"I give them hope because when they get in this kind of situation, it gets hopeless," Judy De Kam said.

The worst wasn't over. On Wednesday a tornado hit the town of Wessington Springs.

"Last night's storm and they said tornado warning and go to your basement and I went, you know what, I don't have a basement and I'm exhausted," Laura Schar said.

"Luckily there was a lot of good warning.  The fire trucks were going through town warning everybody to take cover," Jerry Caffee said.

"No one was hurt and they've done two sweeps of the homes." Gov. Dennis Daugaard said.

"As some of you have gone through town you realize and when viewers see just how blessed we are that there weren't any injuries because there's many houses that nothing is left." Wessington Springs Mayor Melissa Mebius said.

"I just want to express my appreciation to everybody who is here helping out. I've seen the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Lutheran Social Services," Sen. John Thune said.

"This is a long term process. It's not going to be one day, it's going to be weeks." Tony Burke with the Red Cross said.

Tornado victim Karen Messmer says, "we can't thank them enough for doing this. The Red Cross and the National Guard and everybody that has come to help. It's been wonderful," Tornado Victim Karen Messmer said.

"Sometimes you just need hope," De Kam said.

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