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February 13, 2018 06:03 PM

Local Non-Profit News Organization Launches

Sioux Falls

KELOLAND News has always made a commitment to accurately report the biggest stories in our area; to dig a little deeper and ask the tough questions.   Now we have another source to investigate stories of corruption or wrong doing.

"We are announcing the launch of South Dakota News Watch," co-founder Jack Marsh said. 

Two former longtime journalists, Jack Marsh and Randell Beck announced Tuesday the start of an independent non-partisan news organization called South Dakota News Watch.  

"News Watch is an additional resource available for free to all South Dakotans who strive to be better informed and more engaged citizens," Marsh said. 

South Dakota Newswatch stories, videos and interviews will be shared with other media outlets.

"We are not replacing or duplicating the good work of newspapers and broadcasters, we are partnering with existing news organizations to fill the gaps with valuable news content," Marsh said.  

Adding even more credibility to the organization, KELOLAND Media Group Vice President and General Manager Jay Huizenga is one of the board members who've made a commitment to in-depth journalism. 

And it starts with this guy, Bart Pfankuch, who is another longtime journalist in South Dakota.  He's the only reporter at this time, but says he's committed.  

"Every newspaper, every radio station and every TV station in South Dakota has a new investigative reporter on their staff and that's me," Pfankuch said.  

With a combined 80 years of journalism experience, Beck says the public won't have to worry about so-called  'fake news.' 

"I think that we do need to cut through that, all eyes will be on the journalism we produce; that it's right down the middle, that it's fair, that it's in-depth and shows all the various sides of the issue, that will be a challenge we take very seriously," Beck said.  

To learn more about South Dakota News Watch and its mission, click here

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