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September 13, 2017 06:08 PM

Local Church Association Sending Shower Trailer To Hurricane Victims

A local church association is pitching in to help Hurricane Harvey victims by hitching up a trailer. Pastor Mike Lindsay at the Set Free Baptist Church in Beresford is taking the trailer down to Texas Wednesday. 

Pastor Lindsay, along with the Siouxland Association of Southern Baptist Churches, is bringing the gift of showers to Hurricane Harvey victims and relief workers in Texas. 

"Their folks are getting tired. They've been going nonstop since Harvey hit," Lindsay said. 

Lindsay says a church in Lake Jackson near the Gulf Coast called out for help when they started hosting people inside their building. 

"They're busy digging out mud, literally mudding out these houses that have been flooded by the storms," Lindsay said. "They set aside some of their fellowship hall for housing but they need a place for folks coming in, either displaced or also folks that are working, can get a shower." 

That's why Lindsay's church Set Free Baptist in Beresford is springing into action. In twelve hours, the congregation and Beresford residents collected supplies to stock the shower trailer that is based out of a sister church in Sioux Falls. 

Each person who uses the shower trailer will be gifted their own towel and shampoo. 

Not only does the trailer have two separate rooms outfitted with showers, it has a space in the middle to hook up a washing machine.

"They just came together so rapidly. I'm so proud of them. We get the blessing of being able to drive down and demonstrate what God wants us to in loving and caring for others," Lindsay said. 

Providing people a chance to stop for a moment and freshen up could make a big difference. 

Lindsay and a member of his congregation left Sioux Falls this morning, picked up the rest of the supplies in Beresford and hit the road for Texas. After a 20-hour drive, the two will drop the trailer off. They don't plan to pick it up until next spring. 

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