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December 29, 2015 05:10 PM

Kids Create Video Games

It looks like these kids are just playing some games at school, but they're actually learning.

These games are designed by the students during a three-day course at Sioux Falls Christian.  On day two, they've already designed games and learned how the whole programming process works.

"You can just like fight and destroy and build stuff, which I really like doing," 5th grade programmer Ellie Pulse said. 

"There's so many steps to doing everything. If you leave out any one thing, then it doesn't work," 5th grade programmer Max Karre said. 

These fourth and fifth graders are taught by school teachers and a few high school students, all trained by local business Code Bootcamp to lead the class.

The course was so popular, it filled up within hours after being posted online.

"Based on the excitement that we've seen, and still see, I definitely think this is something to keep doing in the future," Gerald Oudman, Sioux Falls Christian Technology Assistant, said. 

Not only are the lessons fun for the kids, but it's also teaching them how to think outside the box.

"Living in a world with a lot of technology, and I think this is one way for the kids to start learning how technology works. A lot of the kids play a lot of video games, but they don't realize what happens behind the scenes," Oudman said.

Now, the kids say they have more respect for the people creating their favorite games, and a few might even consider a career in coding after this week.

"It's really awesome because I could just use my imagination, and I could just do whatever I want to do," Pulse said.

According to Code Bootcamp, the company was able to get a grant through AT&T and was able to reduce the price of this class to $100 per student.

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