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April 15, 2018 05:55 PM

KELOLAND Cleans Up After Blizzard

Now that the blizzard is out of KELOLAND it's time to start digging out. 

Sioux Falls residents I talked with have spent the morning and early afternoon out shoveling, snow blowing and doing whatever else they can, to move the heavy snow out of the way. Kristy Southwick says she and her two year old grandson have been shoveling to help prevent any injuries from happening on the sidewalk. 

"We live on a hill so I worry about the mail carriers slipping on ice so I try to get a good path cleared off as much as I can." Said Southwick

The city declared a snow alert yesterday and snow plows have been out clearing all routes today. Coming up on KELOLAND News at 10, I'll have more from residents cleaning up the aftermath of this April blizzard. 

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