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May 22, 2013 05:06 PM

KELOLAND Author/ Attorney Gets Published

Sioux Falls, SD

As an attorney partner at Johnson, Heidepreim and Abdallah, Ron Parsons spends a lot of time talking. But when he's not in front of a judge, he likes to be behind a keyboard.

On May 1, Parsons had eight of his short stories published in his first book, titled "The Sense of Touch, Stories." The process started in college and is 20 years in the making.

"Three or four years ago, I picked them back up. Just kind of by chance. And realized how awful they were. How terribly written they, the stories were. So that inspired me to at least correct the stories and make them readable," Parsons said.

Parsons was born in Michigan and went to college at the University of Minnesota. Both locations are featured in his short stories.

"I find that writing that has a connection to place or a sense of place I find compelling when I read it. It's just only natural when I start to put stories, shaping stories, that I would set them in a place I know," Parsons said.

While it may not be his full-time job right now, Parsons looks forward to many more stories in his future.

"I hope it's not another 20 years. But I am planning a novel. Trying to tackle a novel. But it's an arduous process, but it's a labor of love," Parsons said.

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