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June 17, 2017 10:31 PM

Improving the Community Through Neighborhood Watch

Sioux Falls, SD

Nearly one year after a tragedy, one neighborhood in Sioux Falls has come together to make their part of town a better place to live. Arick Strauser's body was found in the Froelich Neighborhood in July of last year after investigators say a video was posted on social media showing a group of teens beating up Strauser and leaving him in the street. Since then the Community has been taking steps to improve the area by creating a Neighborhood Association and a crime watch.

For Sioux Falls native Richard Small, the north side of town is home. He's lived here for the last 58 years. And after Arick Strauser was beaten to death in the neighborhood, Small wanted to make some changes.

"I would like to see this neighborhood the way it was when I was growing up. I've been on this end of town all my life," Small said.

Small decided the best way to do that was to create a Neighborhood watch.

"So I went and knocked on every door some were home some weren't and even without going back to the ones that weren't home I still got 82 percent of the neighborhood wanted the crime watch," Small said.

Nearly a year after the Neighborhood Association and Watch were founded, people are noticing a difference.

"For them to raise concern or awareness about what's going on and doing something about it makes us feel a lot more comfortable as a family living in this area," Froehlich Resident William Hahn said

With that sense of neighborhood pride Hahn has joined in the effort to improve the community.

"We are refusing to let this neighborhood turn into anything except for something great," Hahn said

So today the Neighborhood Association hosted a picnic in Lacey Park and invited everyone to come out and be neighborly 

In the last year Small said he has seen a lot of improvement. He says fewer cars have been broken into and he notices more people walking around outside. 

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