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December 10, 2015 06:06 PM

Hundreds Get Coats At Final Keep KELOLAND Warm Giveaway

The weather will start cooling off soon, and we want you to be prepared. Today was the final coat drive for Operation KEEP KELOLAND Warm. 

Wanda Rowan is one of the hundreds who came to the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House to get a coat for the winter. The mother of four got coats for all her children, and herself. 

"It's wonderful because it's not many times  you get opportunities like this for your kids," Rowan said. 

Coats pile up on tables across the shelter. All the coats, hats, mittens, everything you see, were donated by the community. Nikki Griffin with Lewis Drug says it's amazing to look back all see all the work the area has done.

"People hand knit things, they brought in crochet mittens that they've personally made to give the people in need which I think is really beautiful that somebody spent hours and hours a day to make something for someone they'll never meet," Griffin said. 

The people receiving the coats today say that if it weren't for the donations from the community this winter could be difficult. 

"I haven't been out there this year but last year was pretty tough. I got cold and I spent the whole winter outside, so I'm grateful," Darin Fredrick said. 

According to the Homeless Advisory Board
, there's more than 450 homeless people in Minnehaha County, and there's countless others who struggle to afford a coat. Rowan says her family will be warm this year, thanks to you. 

"It is especially when you don't have any help and with people like this that are helping, God bless them and I'm so thankful," Rowan said. 

A community-wide effort to Keep KELOLAND Warm. 
We would like to thank our everybody in the community who donated. There was four coat giveaways this winter. 
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