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April 20, 2017 05:16 PM

Hammin' It Up

We've all heard of service dogs; dogs that are trained to perform a specific task for anyone with a disability or simply provide comfort for individuals who deal with anxiety or stress. 

A Sioux Falls woman got her pet certified to be a service animal, but not just for herself.  People of all ages are going hog wild over Dolly. 
Welcome to the "Swine Circus" where year and a half old Dolly, a miniature pig, is the star of the show.  

She occasionally stops by and performs tricks for the residents at Edgewood Prairie Crossings Assisted Living Center in Sioux Falls.   

She is a bit of ham. 

Not only does Dolly spin, she dances, walks on a leash and even gives kisses. 

"Pigs are very intelligent animals.  It's kind of like training a dog, but obviously they're not a dog at all, plus you have to do your research on how to work with a pig," Mikaela Haugan said. 

Some of the residents here have worked with pigs, but Dolly is different. 

"We've never been around pigs that small except when they were first born and then the old mother wouldn't let you by them at all," Josephine Jurgensen said.

"I think she's precious, so cute.  I've never seen a baby pig or played with a baby pig before," Dawn Larsen said. 

"I got her certified because we just started going around and meeting different people and I saw how happy they were to see her, so I said, 'We need to visit as many people as we can and just make their day,'" Haugan said. 

They also make Dolly's day. In fact when they scratch her belly, she's in hog heaven. 

"It's unusual and I worked on a farm," Phyllis Hildebrand said.

Seeing a pig in a tutu and pink painted hooves isn't something you see very often, but Dolly sure makes people happy or at least they're not dis-gruntled.

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