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April 18, 2017 05:14 PM

Gun Laws Vary State By State

A video of a Sioux Falls Muslim man showing off number of guns outside a Christian Conference has gone viral on social media. 

You may have already seen it shared on your timeline.

The man in the video is 46-year-old Ehab Jaber. He argues the event's speakers came to promote fear and hate against those who practice Islam. 

One after the other, the video shows Jaber showing off the guns he tried to take into the Hilton Garden Inn South last weekend.  One clip shows him inside the Worldview Weekend Christian Conference, just before security asked him to leave. Yet, he claims he didn't come to hurt anyone. 

"Did I take a pistol there to hurt anybody? No, I open carry wherever I go," Jaber said in a Facebook Live "news conference."

Jaber says he went to the event with the hope of joining in on the pro-Muslim protest outside the hotel.

There will be more Tuesday night from Jaber and Sioux Falls Police on KELOLAND News at Six. 
Ever since the controversial video surfaced on Facebook, a lot of people became really concerned and started asking a lot of questions.  

Jaber shows multiple weapons, including assault rifles and handguns and gun clips.

It's his constitutional right.  

The 2nd Amendment guarantees our 'right to bear arms.'

In South Dakota and a lot of other states, if you are 18 or older, you can openly carry a handgun without a permit; whether it's in a holster on your hip or in the front seat of your car. As long as it's visible, you don't need a permit. 

To conceal or hide that gun: for instance, under your coat or beneath your car seat; then you need a permit. 

There are three different types of permits now in South Dakota; the Gold Card, the enhanced card and the regular card. 

The Gold Card will exempt you from having to do an FBI background check every time you buy a gun. 

The Enhanced Card allows you to carry and conceal your gun in South Dakota and 36 other states, but you have to take extra classes to obtain it. 

Then there's the Regular Pistol permit that costs $10 which allows you to conceal a gun in South Dakota and 30 other states for five years. 

Currently, there are nearly 93,000 pistol permits issued in South Dakota. 

To learn more about South Dakota's gun laws, click here.

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