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January 02, 2018 10:40 PM

GoFundMe Set Up For Stensland Family After Deadly Crash

Rapid City, SD

Just a few days before Christmas, Cade Stensland was heading east from Rapid City on Interstate 90 when his vehicle rear-ended a stalled charter bus.

Senior deputy with the Pennington County Sheriff's Office, Billy Davis was one of the first on the scene. 

"Been in law enforcement for 23 years and I've seen a lot of things that I would say are tragic," Billy Davis, Pennington County Sheriff's Office said, "This was just one of those deals where it just wasn't your average accident."

While Davis didn't know Stensland or his family, he felt he needed to help.

"Going through that and talking with my wife Andrea, she also felt that there would be a good reason for us to get involved and try to help this family," Billy Davis said.

After doing some research, Davis' wife Andrea, decided to start a GoFundMe page for the Stensland family.

"I had it set up before we went to Christmas Eve service and by the time we got home it had already reached $1,500 and by the time I went to bed, $2,000 and so it got shared a lot, very quickly," Andrea Davis said.

Since then, the account has raised over half the goal amount.

"I'm thankful for everybody that donated and thankful for everybody who may not have been able to donate but at least spread the word with the link," Andrea Davis said.

"This is not abnormal for our sheriff's office to be interested in people, we have people involved in Christmas stuff all the time and all kinds of community projects, so it should be expected that we're willing to go the extra step for people," Billy Davis said.

If you would like to donate, we've provided a link to the GoFundMe page here.

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