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September 13, 2017 05:04 PM

Garth Brooks' Restrictions

If you don't need it, leave it home.   That's the message from management at the Denny Sanford Premier center as they continue making preparations for Garth Brooks.

There are some things you can and cannot bring if you're planning to attend one of his nine sold out shows. 

Garth Brooks will be performing nine shows in six days.  That's never happened at the Premier Center.  

"This is truly a milestone for the facility," Semrau said. 

As with any big performance at the Denny, security will be tight. 

"If you don't need it at the concert, leave it at home; iPads, selfie sticks, professional photography will not be allowed in," Assistant Manager Chris Semrau said. 

Cell phones will be allowed, but don't bring in any food or beverages and ladies think small when it comes to purses. 

"There is a bag size restriction.  Anything over 13 by 15 inches will not be allowed in," Semrau said. 

It's going to be crazy enough when Garth Brooks performs one concert, but Semrau says on the days he performs two, you need to pay attention.

"There will be over 20,000 people either coming or going from the property at the same time, it's a challenge we have not faced before, but we've got a great plan in place, we ask for people to be patient," Semrau said. 

With that many people coming and going, traffic will be congested, parking will be tight. 

"As with any sold out performance, we suggest people come early, carpool when available or take advantage of the free shuttles we are offering from each performance," Semrau said. 

Also they want to reminds fans to double check that their ticket or order confirmation is consistent with the date and time of the concert they are attending. 

Paperless ticket buyers, don't forget.  You'll need to bring the credit card you used so it can be scanned and verified.

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