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April 16, 2013 12:00 PM

Former Medical X-Ray Employee Indicted For Bank Fraud

Sioux Falls, SD

A former employee at Medical X-Ray in Sioux Falls has been federally indicted for bank fraud, embezzlement and money laundering.

Gerald Larson worked as the business manager for the now closed Medical X-Ray Center.

Now, Larson has been federally indicted for embezzling from the health care company.

Court documents say Larson started embezzling nearly a decade ago in April 2003.

The indictment says Larson deposited business checks into his own personal bank account. It also says that he transferred nearly $100,000 of the money out of his daughter's investment account to pay a construction company as recently as December.

The charges don't say exactly how much money was taken but Larson faces more than $2 million in fines and 80 years in prison.

We have attached the court papers below.

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