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November 14, 2013 11:32 AM

Father Outlines DUI Changes For SD

Sioux Falls, SD

A father from upstate New York is back in South Dakota pushing for DUI reform following the death of his daughter this summer.

Maegan Spindler, 25, and her co-worker 46-year-old Robert Klumb were killed by a suspected drunk driver in a hotel parking lot in Pickstown in July.

Gregg Spindler has now made it his goal to change the laws in the state to prevent future tragedies. Spindler has met with the governor's office to discuss changes South Dakota could make to curb drinking and driving.

On Thursday morning, Spindler met with Minnehaha County Commissioners and members of the Sioux Falls City Council to discuss the proposals.

Spindler would like to see an increased 'user fee' on alcohol and would like to see South  Dakota lead the country in adopting new National Transportation Safety Board recommendations to curb drunk driving - including the recommendation to lower the legal limit to 0.05.

Spindler says South Dakota's rural make up may make it easier to implement changes.

"I think it is doable in a way that would be much more difficult in New York state where I come from,” Spindler said.

Spindler is meeting with the governor's office again Friday to discuss some of the changes and he says the governor's staff has been receptive to his ideas and have told him they are currently examining the state's DUI laws.

We’ll have more details of Spindler's proposals tonight on KELOLAND News.

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