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August 12, 2017 10:06 PM

Fans Applaud Sioux Falls Little League Win

Sioux Falls, SD

With anticipation building back home, Sioux Falls' Little League baseball team won big in Indiana, advancing to the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania.

Grade-school fans went wild. Many of them know the players they're seeing on ESPN.

"They like really brought it today. In the other games they were really good, but they wanted this game more I feel like,” Miller said.

"It's crazy! Especially how old they are. To make it this far it's crazy!" Taylen Ashley, seventh grader, said.
"It's a good feeling watching the friends you play baseball with,”  Sawyer Huntimer, seventh grader, said.

These kids and some of their parents, filled a Sioux Falls home to cheer the team on. In Indianapolis, Coach Jeff Riley is still taking in his boys' win.

"Overwhelming. Just a big wow. These kids are resilient,” Riley said, "It was an exciting game. It was well pitched, well played timely hits, that was fun baseball today."

While this is a big step for the players, Riley says nothing is better than the experience they're gaining from it. 

"Winning today is huge but they're going to be able to tell stories for the rest of their lives when they get to see each other again and reminisce,” Riley said.

Come next week, these fans will be getting loud again.

"Once someone cheers, everybody cheers. It's just so fun,” Miller said.
"I'm going to be cheering them on loud and proud,” Ashley said.

"Go Sioux Falls!" Huntimer said.

Players will board to the bus to Williamsport, Pennsylvania Sunday at 8 a.m.

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