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November 16, 2017 05:18 PM

Faith Temple Church's Mission to Feed Community In Need

As Thanksgiving approaches, we think about how to help families in need. However, a local church keeps people fed even when it is not a holiday. For more than eight years, Faith Temple Church has held a weekly food giveaway. It has grown over the years, but the mission to put food on the table remains the same. In fact, church volunteers find other ways to distribute food during the week. 

A ring of dough with a hole in it has the power to fill someone with happiness. On Thursday, Pastor Jeff Hayes picked up donated Flyboy Donuts. He says  they will mean a lot to kids at a local elementary school who do not usually get a sweet treat. 

"Years ago, when we first started the Food Giveaway I thought it would be meat and potatoes and vegetables, but my son at the time said, dad, you have to have donuts and candy too, because it puts a smile on their face," Jeff Hayes said. 

That's just part of what Hayes and Faith Temple Church do on a daily basis. On Friday, they will execute a big weekly event and give away about 30,000 pounds of food. 

"An older lady told me the other day as she's breathing through her oxygen tube and she's carrying a tank, she says, 'we choose between our medicine and our food and we're thankful for the Faith Temple Food Giveaway," Hayes said.

The giveaway started in the church's pantry more than eight years ago during the recession. It grew to the parking lot, then to the Nordstrom Johnson Building at the WH Lyon Fairgrounds as a partnership with Feeding South Dakota. 

"We thought the need would taper off after 2009, but it seems like it's stayed steady if not even increased some," Hayes said. 

At this point, Hayes does not expect to stop the giveaway anytime soon. 

"Jesus said, when I was hungry, you fed me. He's certainly concerned about feeding people and I think you can't argue with Christian people feeding people," Hayes said. 

Whether it is donuts or meat and potatoes; finding a hole in the community -- and filling it with good deeds -- has the power to bring people a whole lot of happiness. 

Doors open at the Food Giveaway event at 3 pm. on Friday. 

If you are looking to give back this holiday season, find a list of organizations in need of donations on our Home for the Holidays page.

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