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June 08, 2018 10:01 PM

Emerald Ash Borer Starting To Emerge From Trees

Sioux Falls

KELOLAND News has been following the emerald ash borer since it was first discovered in northern Sioux Falls about a month ago. 

Now, the bugs causing quite the buzz in KELOLAND have just started emerging from their trees. 

"The chances of anyone seeing one are pretty slim to none. Somebody will probably find one on a sidewalk here or there, but more often than not you're not going to see them," Aspen Arboriculture Solutions Owner Sam Kezar said. 

Aspen Arboriculture Solutions Owner Sam Kezar says the adults just started coming out within the last week.
Fortunately, that doesn't mean they'll be traveling miles and miles. 

"They're very lazy or poor flyers so when they emerge out of one tree, if there's still enough viability in that tree, they'll stay in that tree or maybe move to an adjacent tree nearby," Kezar said. 

Kezar says this doesn't change how you should go about protecting your own trees in this first year. 

"If you have decided the trees are something you want to keep and you're within 15 miles of the find in Sioux Falls here, it's recommended your tree get injected," Kezar said. 

However, if you're outside of the area, you have more time on your side. 

"It's more or less, you'll want to come up with a long term plan with your arborist on either monitoring and seeing how the progression of the beetle will move in the next few months and years," Kezar said. 

Kezar says he'll begin injecting ash trees for clients next week. 

Click here for more information on the Emerald Ash Borer. 

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