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December 11, 2014 05:00 PM

Don't Jerk And Drive

Sioux Falls, SD

Because it's such a dangerous time of the year, the South Dakota Department of Public Safety has a new ad campaign out that's aimed at keeping drivers safe on the road.

It's called "Don't Jerk and Drive." If you think that's a bit funny with sexual connotations tied to it, that's good, because the people behind the ad say it's supposed to grab your attention.

This commercial titled, Don't Jerk and Drive, was produced to remind drivers not to overcorrect if they lose control of their vehicle.

"We're trying to prevent them from jerking the steering wheel, which is the cause of a lot of fatalities or fatal accidents, Vice-President of Client Services at Lawrence and Schiller Micah Aberson said.

Micah Aberson, vice president of client services at Lawrence and Schiller, is the man behind the ad for South Dakota Department of Public Safety. 

He's worked with the department on other successful ad campaigns over the years; like Don't Drink and Drive.

"So we simply replaced drink with jerk, which is the act we are trying to prevent," Aberson said. 

But because the ad campaign's title could have a double meaning, it's raising a few eyebrows. 

"With any campaign that we run, the goal is to capture the attention of the intended targeted audience and we prefer conversation to indifference and I think we've exceeded in generating some conversations with this campaign," Aberson said.

While some people may snicker, Aberson says the message is serious.

"We want people to be safe on the roadway, we understand that some have interpreted sort of a double entendre of sorts, our pure objective is to encourage safe driving, ultimately we would suggest that drivers keep their car out of the ditch and their minds out of the gutter," Aberson said.

The ad, which runs through the first week of January, is getting lots of social media attention with over 20,000 twitter impressions.

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