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August 24, 2017 05:16 PM

Dominican Girl Receives Life Saving Therapy At Sanford

A chance encounter with a doctor from another country is giving a little girl a new chance at an active life. We meet the 7-year-old girl from the Caribbean, who is thankful for the ability to walk again. 

Alexa Paloma Melo Mendez lost her ability to walk after a hip injury in her home country, the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, there weren't enough resources there to help her walk again so a Sanford Doctor helped her come to the U.S. 
"It's been amazing to see the progress that she's been able to accomplish. Now she's standing and she can stand without crutches," said Grant Boltjes, Sanford Physical Therapist. 

Grant Boltjes has been working with Alexa for an hour a day everyday, and sending homework at the end of each session.

"They're also working at home for multiple hours each day and all of that really has paid off," said Boltjes. 

"He knows how to deal with her and make her smile," said Paloma Sobella Mendez Rubio, Alexa's mother. 

Alexa's mom says the work Boltjes is doing is much more than physical therapy. He's also become a big part of the family's life.

"He's a really beautiful person. He has done the best job," said Mendez Rubio. 

"I have a great hope for her in the future that she's going to be active and my greatest impression is getting to see her be more of a kid again. That's the funnest thing," said Boltjes. 

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