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October 11, 2017 10:03 PM

'Doing Well' - An Update On Vegas Shooting Survivor From KELOLAND

Brandon, SD

More than a week has passed since the Las Vegas massacre, and families nationwide are still reeling from the aftermath. The shooting impacted countless lives, including some here in KELOLAND. 

Wednesday was financial adviser Brian Wills' first day back at work. 

"Doing well. Health-wise, doing well. As far as attitude, doing well. Just glad to be moving forward," Wills said.

Wills was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas with his wife and friends when shots rang out, and he was struck.  Recovery included putting a rod in his leg.

"It's just underneath my knee, it goes down to my ankle, it allows me to bear weight, and so we're just looking to get those surgical sites healed up, and the wound healed up, and just keep moving forward," Wills said.

Coverage of the Vegas shooting and its aftermath has been a regular part of news coverage in recent days.

"If it's on, it's on, but I don't pay special attention to it," Wills said.

Wills says his mind focuses on "all kinds of positive things."

"I really don't dwell on where we were, because we need to just move forward," Wills said.

Wills says he doesn't have survivor's guilt. Gratitude, though, he definitely has.

"We are just very thankful that all of the people within the group that we were with are here home safe, and moving forward that's the overriding thought," Wills said.

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